Case Study: Louisiana CAT

Louisiana CAT Finds Files 90% Faster and Achieves Money-Saving Efficiency

Louisiana CAT Building

Louisiana CAT, a full range provider of Caterpillar Inc. products and equipment, boasts unsurpassed parts availability and superior field service.

The Problem

Like most companies, Louisiana CAT had historically relied on paper-based filing systems for document management. The paper-centric process was costly and time-consuming. It limited the speed at which service representatives could respond to customer questions and required extra office space to house large filing cabinets.

The Solution

Apyxx Technologies installed PaperVision Enterprise and integrated the new document management solution with the preexisting business applications.  All documents are now safely stored on the Apyxx Cloud in a secure data center that is protected from disaster.

The Results

Louisiana CAT staff are now able to find files 90% faster. What once took 3 to 5 minutes, now only takes 3 to 4 seconds.

Additional Benefits of the New Solutions
  • Increased Departmental Efficiency
  • Improved Office Space Efficiency
  • Reduced the Cost of Document Storage
  • Improved Customer Service (Due to Immediate Access to Documents)
  • Protected Critical Documents from Natural Disaster or Fire

“Apyxx has truly exceeded our expectations. By utilizing their PaperVision software, we have increased our departmental efficiency and removed the need for bulky document storage. Our documents are readily available at the click of a button and are safeguarded from the risks associated with maintaining physical files. Apyxx provides a great team of knowledgeable individuals that have delivered an exceptional product with little to no burden on the end user.”
– Jason Maurin, Louisiana Machinery Company, LLC