Take Your Business to the Next Level With Cloud Document Management

Document management systems solve many of the problems that can plague your workplace. There are a number of reasons why document management software is a great addition to your business: it increases your efficiency and productivity, reduces your costs, automates regular business processes, improves document security, and ensures you meet compliance standards. It allows you to focus on what’s important – your business. 

Document management will no doubt enhance your business. But cloud document management software can take your digital transformation to the next level. Here are a few ways that the cloud stands out:

  • It enhances the transfer and sharing of files and information between your employees, no matter where they are working.
  • It expands the walls of your office by providing a mobile solution for immediate document access.
  • It manages information overload and enhances the workflow in your office now and as you grow in the future.

Reduced Costs for A Quicker ROI 

Cloud document management software  takes only days to implement, so your team can start working smarter and more efficiently in no time.   According to Nucleus Research, cloud services deliver 3.2 times the ROI of on-premise solutions. For you and your business, that means seeing a great improvement on your bottom line with a shorter payback period. 

Cloud document management software comes at a lower cost than on-premise software solutions. IT and hardware costs associated with on-premise document management solutions are eliminated, as well as lowering costs for your IT employees and other staff. You can improve your bottom line by converting your capital expenses into a tax-deductible operating expense.

Unlimited & Flexible Growth Potential

The data and documents that cloud document management services store seamlessly scales with your business, allowing you to store, access and track an increasing amount of documents while maintaining productivity and efficiency. The cost of increasing your data and information storage is negligible compared to the benefits to your business. 

Your employees will also benefit directly. The ease of cloud access allows an unlimited number of employees to be granted secure access to your cloud document management software, eliminating the cost and management of purchasing on-premise software licenses. This frees your IT departments from managing growing amounts of data so they can prioritize other important tasks. 

Secure, Remote Access Anywhere, Anytime

Securely storing your documents in the cloud ensures that your employees can access your critical documents in any scenario and that your business can continue to operate. In the case of a hurricane or a flood that shuts down your physical operations, your critical data and documents are safe on a central, secure server and able to be accessed remotely. 

When your employees are unable to get to the office, it’s easy for them to transition to remote work. Your employees can access cloud services easily from anywhere, allowing key aspects of your business like accounting, HR and customer service to remain operational. Cloud document management also allows you to expand the walls of your office. You can hire employees across the state or across the country and enable them to access necessary documents and data remotely from home. 

Cloud solutions offer security and accessibility to your documents by many employees at the same time. Instead of having multiple versions of the same printed document, documents are scanned, stored and updated on the Cloud content management with sharing capabilities between all of your employees. 

Cloud document management will streamline your business processes and help you digitally transform your business. We can help you find the cloud solution that works best for your business. Our team is standing by to help you begin your journey into cloud document management.