Trust Apyxx to Understand the Needs of your Louisiana Business

Small and Medium Businesses are the Heart of Louisiana’s Economy

Industries like manufacturing, energy and agribusiness are key to Louisiana’s overall economy. But it is small and medium businesses like yours that are the driving economic force  in cities across the state including New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Gulfport and Biloxi. 

No matter what size your business is, you know it’s important to maintain a competitive advantage. You aim to deliver great products and services to your customers, guaranteeing a superior customer service experience. Most importantly, you want to ensure your business continues running during any crisis that may arise.

The best way to achieve those goals is by digitizing your business operations.

Stay Competitive by Digitizing your Business Operations

Chances are your business is bogged down by paper documents. You’re spending too much money on storage and taking up valuable space with filing cabinets. Finding critical paper documents – contracts, HR files, order forms, AP and AR documents – is eating up valuable time that your employees could spend serving your customers. 

By digitizing your documents, you can streamline your workflow and transform the way your company does business. You can increase efficiency and revenue while reducing your expenses. Filing cabinets become a thing of the past when your critical files are easily accessible and trackable through document management software.

You can take your digital document management to the next level with cloud document management. With the Apyxx Cloud, you can ensure your documents are secure and accessible from any computer or mobile device at any time. You don’t need to worry about managing an internal IT infrastructure when your files are secure on our dedicated servers.

With your documents digitized, secure and accessible at any time, the next concern is your physical business location.

The New Orleans area has seen its fair share of devastating storms. Preparation is key in order to reduce potential damage to your property and business. Having a disaster recovery plan in place helps ensure your business continuity in the face of severe weather or other crises. 

If your office is inaccessible, cloud document management allows you and your employees to work remotely from anywhere at any time. You can access your documents quickly and securely, allowing you to continue to serve your customers and ensure the livelihood of your business. 

You know the ins and out of your business operations better than anyone else. Local business owners understand the wants and needs of their communities better than anyone else. Here at Apyxx, headquartered in New Orleans,  we recognize the specific concerns of Louisiana-based businesses.

Here at Apyxx, we believe in offering a lagniappe with our services. We’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries throughout Louisiana including automotive, distribution and private schools. You can rely on our team to go a step further to help you find the solution to best achieve your business goals.