We Help Eliminate The Pain Of Paper From Business Processes.

Apyxx Technologies, Inc. is a Document and Content Management company located in New Orleans that specializes in business process management and automation. We understand the frustration that businesses experience on a day-to-day basis, as they deal with too much paper, redundant systems and poor processes. Our company was founded in 1998, shortly after our founder discovered a solution to his own troubles with paper-based systems.

Like many business owners, he was frustrated with the problems that paper-based processes create. No one wanted to do the filing. Important documents were misfiled or lost. Expensive office space was wasted on the file room. Every year, temps were brought in to purge files to make room for new files and the list went on and on.

Apyxx Technologies, Inc. was founded to help businesses improve productivity and office workflow.

Our mission is to create and implement intelligent solutions through a combination of hardware, software and services that enables our customers to eliminate the pain of paper from their business processes.

We are constantly looking for new products and software that will help our clients work more efficiently.