Oct 11
Not “Your Father’s” PaperFlow

The average office uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That’s a lot of paper. For years, PaperFlow has been a powerful, affordable solution for excess documents around your office.

Jul 06
Why Content Management Has a Persistent Staying Power

With more and more employees working at least part of their time remotely, content management provides a secure means for access to the documents that they need at a moment’s notice. Cloud solutions offer security and accessibility to your documents by many employees at the same time.

Mar 30
How to Work Efficiently from eHow Money

In order to work smarter not harder, there are a few simple steps that eHow Money noted to help business people work more efficiently. Some seem like common sense, but all of us could benefit from these simple steps.

Feb 15
The Key To Shortcuts

Let’s talk about workflow. Do you ever feel like there should be a magic button that does all of the work for you? We do too. Apyxx talks about the importance of taking shortcuts where necessary. Don’t let your workload get the better of you! Maximize your keyboard speed with a few easy shortcuts to remember.

Feb 15
When Multitasking Hurts You

The more you handle, the more you complete. This is false! There is always a chance that trying to overload your daily tasks will lead you to frustrations and confusions. Apyxx talks about the importance of crisis management in the office. Find a way to balance your tasks without complicating them.