Take Your Business to the Next Level With Cloud Document Management

Document management systems solve many of the problems that can plague your workplace. There are a number of reasons why document management software is a […]

Robotic Process Automation: Automate Complex Tasks

Business Process Automation is no longer limited to converting paper to digital files and setting up workflows to route documents through pre-defined steps of a business process. Bot and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are changing everything and allowing companies to automate even more complex tasks.

Document Management Solutions: 5 Benefits Your Company Needs

There continues to be a steady increase in companies turning to document management services. As the move to digital continues to grow, companies are recognizing […]

Case Study: Louisiana CAT

Louisiana CAT staff are now able to find files 90% faster. Check out how Apyxx Document Management solutions will help you too.

Not “Your Father’s” PaperFlow

The average office uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. That’s a lot of paper. For years, PaperFlow has been a powerful, affordable solution […]