Access Business Documents Online Anywhere, Anytime

Your documents are an invaluable resource to your business. Your priority is to ensure these documents are secure, organized and and easily accessible by all stakeholders whenever needed. 

Cloud document management software enables you to store, share and track your documents effortlessly without the worry of managing an internal IT infrastructure or incurring capital expenses. In other words, you can securely access and manage all your critical business files from anywhere at any time whether you are in the office, at home or on the road.

Compared to in-house software, cloud document management software eliminates the need for capital investment, requires less internal IT support and infrastructure and expands your staff’s ability to access mission critical documents securely from anywhere. 

Cloud Software Boosts Business Productivity

In addition to the benefits you get from document management software, cloud software allows you to:

  • Access any document, anytime, from anywhere in the world on any device
  • Benefit from a deductible operating expense vs a capital expenditure
  • Grow your business seamlessly with unlimited system users and data storage 
  • Minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software and maintenance costs
  • Maximize document and data security with redundancy, automatic updates and patches 
  • Improve business efficiencies while maintaining very complex security requirements.
  • Provide secure access for audits to ensure compliance with with government and industry regulations
  • Automate routine business processes
  • Ensure disaster recovery planning 

Cloud Document Management is Essential for Remote Work

Remote work is more relevant than ever before – FlexJobs reported that 70% of companies are adopting a hybrid work model. Having your documents accessible in the cloud can ensure your business can continue from anywhere at any time, even during a pandemic.

As a New Orleans based company, we understand the consequences of catastrophic weather. Not being able to access your documents when needed because you can’t get to the office is an unnecessary risk. Even worse, losing documents and data can spell the end for your business: the US Department of Labor reports that 60% of small to medium size businesses close within two years of a natural disaster. 

Your documents are the backbone of your business, and cloud document management software will ensure your documents are secure and accessible even when you can’t get to your office.  Let us help you put a disaster recovery plan in place so you can rest easy knowing that your files are secure and accessible…even after a natural catastrophe. 

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