Store, Access and Share Your Documents Easily

Our document management software solutions will change the way your company operates. Whether you manage your documents in the cloud or in-house, you can store, access, share and track your critical business documents and records securely and easily. Productivity will increase, paper-related costs will decrease, and  workflow efficiency will improve. 

Document Management Systems Are The Future

Storing paper documents requires valuable space and unnecessary  costs. Managing these documents also decreases productivity. A study conducted by the International Data Corporation reported that more than 21% of office productivity loss is the result of document-related challenges. Paper documents require more time and resources to manage, and your workflow  suffers.

Paper documents are also easily misplaced and impossible to access for employees working remotely. According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, 7.5 percent of all paper-based documents in a business will be lost or misplaced. When your documents are critical to your business processes, any loss creates a headache for you.

A Digital Transformation for Your Southern Louisiana Business

  • Provide one central, secure place to access any type of file your staff needs to get work done, effortlessly
  • Secure critical data from theft and disaster
  • Improve organizational efficiency with version control and collaboration features
  • Drastically reduce copying, faxing and document filing costs
  • Eliminate massive filing cabinets and take back your office space
  • Comply with government and industry regulations via audit trails and advanced security settings
  • Advanced search capabilities mean less time is spent on searching for important files and docs
  • Keep only the data you need by setting up automatic alerts to purge files that are no longer needed
  • Choose between in-house or cloud software solution

Cloud Software or In-House Document Management Solutions

We work closely with you to provide the best document management software to fit your specific needs. Our business process expertise enables us to analyze the unique business challenges of companies in the Greater New Orleans area and recommend the best document management solution for your business.  Our team can deliver digital documents and data for uploading to your internal server, or we can take your business to the next level with our secure, accessible Apyxx Cloud server. From the planning stages through implementation and beyond, our experienced team is here to support you

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Workflow Automation

Eliminate paper-based processes and free your team up to handle more important tasks.

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Manage Your Documents in the Cloud

Securely access and manage all your critical business files from anywhere at any time.

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Scan Your Documents

Convert all of your paper documents into digital files for easy access from your mobile device or computer.

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