Convert Your Paper Documents to Digital Files

Our document scanning solutions allow you to transform your paper documents into easily accessible digital files.  Digitizing your documents allows your business to increase efficiency, reduce expenses and increase revenue. Your converted documents can then be stored, accessed and tracked quickly and securely with document management software.

The question is whether to scan your documents yourself or have them digitized at our document scanning facility located in the Greater New Orleans area. The answer is simple: it depends.

Outsource Your Document Scanning for a Paperless Office

Apyxx is your go-to document scanning partner if you have a large number of documents, file cabinets or boxes that need to be digitized and indexed for secure access and management. Let us provide you with fast, accurate and reliable document scanning services. Our turn-key solution includes prepping, scanning, indexing and Quality Control (QC) for secure storage and retrieval.

Our document scanning process is truly unique and remarkably efficient. We use the latest software and high‐speed scanners to convert documents in a timely, seamless process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by our highly skilled team in our New Orleans conversion service bureau.

Our document scanning services are designed to support all export file types for Electronic Health Records, Legal Software, and Document Management Systems, and we offer both cloud based and in-house document management  solutions.

Or, Consider In-House Document Conversion Software for Smaller Projects

If you need to digitize a small number of incoming paper documents, or maybe you just have a box or two cluttering your office, you may want to scan those documents in-house. We can provide you with the right scanning software and scanner for you to easily digitize your documents. 

Apyxx has helped hundreds of companies install and configure scanning software and hardware. We will recommend the best products based on your unique needs and then deliver and install the necessary components. However our process doesn’t end there. We will work with your team and train your staff so that they can start scanning with confidence.

Our Dedicated Document Scanning and Software Support Team

Digitizing your documents can be a difficult process, but you won’t be undertaking it alone. Our team is committed to providing you with the best service possible to ensure your success, including:

  • Needs analysis & process consulting
  • Document scanning software implementation and training for users and administrators
  • Software integration with accounting and other line of business applications
  • Ongoing troubleshooting and technical support
  • Assistance with in-house software updates
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Manage Your Documents in the Cloud

Securely access and manage all your critical business files from anywhere at any time.

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Workflow Automation

Eliminate paper-based processes and free your team up to handle more important tasks.

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Scan Your Documents

Convert all of your paper documents into digital files for easy access from your mobile device or computer.

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