AP Processing Solutions

Your accounting records are the backbone of your business. Accurate and efficient AP processes are critical to keeping your business running smoothly. Our accounts payable automation solutions will help you to boost efficiency, improve accuracy and  cash flow. 

Scan, Process and Track AP Records 

Scanning and indexing your incoming accounts payable documents  allows them to be digitally routed through your business for immediate review and approval. Your employees are able to securely process incoming invoices  from their computer screen no matter where they are working, and management is able to track invoices in process for improved cash-flow projections. Manual and repetitive tasks are easily automated, improving operational accuracy and allowing your employees to focus on higher value   tasks.

Benefits of AP Automation:

  • Reduce invoice processing time, data entry errors and labor costs
  • Gain insight into your accounts payable processes
  • Move information automatically through business processes to enhance efficiency.
  • Integrate multiple systems to easily share information back and forth 
  • Improve accounting procedures with customized steps
  • Reduce late penalties and secure early payment discounts
  • Simplify compliance and keep confidential information protected

Improve Efficiency with Workflow Automation

By automating your workflow, you will take your accounts payable business processes to the next level and transform your business. You set the rules for how your documents are reviewed, approved and processed and who can access them in your organization. You can track the workflow process and ensure accountability for tasks completed by employees. Your management gains valuable insight into your day-to-day business operations, allowing changes to be made to optimize your work.

Get the most out of your accounts payable automation solutions with our digital mailroom services. Your invoices are received at a unique PO box monitored by Apyxx and are immediately scanned and indexed to kick-off automated processing. 

Securely Store Invoices in the Apyxx Cloud

Once digitized and processed,  your invoices are securely stored in  the Apyxx Cloud where they can be easily accessed, shared and tracked  across your organization. You can regulate access and sharing through user privileges and security settings improving audits and confidentiality. Eliminating paper storage also reduces costs and the time spent searching critical files. With immediate access to your processed accounts payable documents, you improve response time to requests from your suppliers and maintain key relationships with them.

The Apyxx Cloud also optimizes remote work processes. Research has shown that 58% of Americans are working remotely at least once a week, and 35% work remotely for the entire week. With the Apyxx Cloud, your employees will have immediate access to all necessary accounting files  whether or not they’re in the office.

Trust Apyxx for your New Orleans AP Automation Solutions

Our team has years of experience providing clients in the greater New Orleans area with AP Automation and AR Automation solutions. We understand that every business is unique, and we work with you to find the best solution for your organization. From cloud-based software solutions to outsourced digital mailroom operations, we cater to your business needs and allow you to streamline your accounts payable processes and optimize productivity.