Scan, Digitize and Organize your AP Documents

Scanning and digitizing your processed accounts payable documents streamlines your business processes and improves productivity. Your digitized AP documents are securely stored, tracked and accessible across your organization, eliminating hours of time wasted looking for accounting files. Headaches caused by duplicate, misplaced and unpaid invoices are eliminated improving your relationships with suppliers and improving your cash flow. Invoices can quickly be accessed by searching on invoice numbers, vendor names, amounts, and other important information. 

Optimize Searches with Document Scanning and Full-text OCR

Full-text searches save you time with Optical Character Recognition. This advanced document imaging software searches through financial documents for keywords and symbols, indicating their in-line location within seconds. OCR software provided by Apyxx easily converts scanned documents and electronic files (PDFs, digital images) into searchable text documents.

Boost Productivity with the Apyxx Cloud

With the Apyxx Cloud, your invoices and AP documents are securely stored, shared and trackable across your organization. You can regulate access and sharing through user privileges and security settings, enabling tracking of who does what with each document and ensuring your AP documents are handled correctly.  

We can integrate your ERP system with our document management software for one-click viewing and immediate access to specific invoices and data without the hassle of time-consuming searches. Your paid invoice files  are immediately accessible for review and sharing, even for employees working remotely.

Pass Compliance Audits with Digital Document Management

Reduce the stress of compliance audits by having requested accounts payable documents digitally accessible at your fingertips. Retain documents securely and provide tracking and audit trails by storing them in the Apyxx Cloud. With your documents stored, tracked and accessed digitally, you can grant timed access to specified documents and eliminate the need for auditors to step into your office.

Benefits of AP Document Management

  • Reduce inquiries about misplaced, duplicate and unpaid invoices
  • Eliminate time lost spent searching for paper documents
  • Maintain relationships with vendors and partners by ensuring timely invoice processing
  • Improve cash flow by processing invoices quickly and efficiently
  • Secure your files through sharing permissions and workflow tracking
  • Ensure remote and in-office employees have immediate access to all documents

Apyxx is your Trusted Source for your Accounts Payable Document Management

Apyxx has years of experience providing clients across the greater New Orleans area with fast, accurate and reliable scanning services and document management solutions.

Our AP and AR Automation solutions can be tailored for your unique business needs. Our team is here to help you automate your workflow, improve your process efficiency and ensure your invoice accuracy.