Accounts Payable Document Management

Hours of wait time are cut in half thanks to Apyxx Technologies. Access your process status within minutes. AP Document Management, AP Automation, AR Automation and Mailroom Automation are a few ways to enhance the workflow of your office, ensure the safety of your accounts, and expedite your payment and invoice processing.

Optimize Document Searches With Full-text OCR

Full-text searches save you time with Optical Character Recognition. This advanced document imaging software searches through financial documents for keywords and symbols, indicating their in-line location within seconds. OCR software, provided by Apyxx, easily converts scanned documents and electronic files (PDFs, digital images) into searchable text documents.

Organize And Manage AP And AR Records

Reduce inquiries about misplaced invoices and improve cash flow and management with streamlined Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Processes. We offer AP Automation and AR Automation solutions for every business big and small. Boost your process efficiency and ensure invoice accuracy.

Improve Office Workflow With PO Box And Mailroom Outsourcing

Eliminate the costs of mailroom operations and deliver your invoices to the right client at the right time. Our Mailroom Automation solution at Apyxx will allow you to process your incoming and outgoing invoices and mail faster and more efficiently. We receive your business mail at a unique PO Box and quickly scan, index and deliver it digitally to you—directly to your automated content management system.

Productivity Provided By Apyxx Technologies

When you store and manage your invoices with Apyxx, they are protected on the Apyxx Cloud or your server-based system. Our conversion and indexing software provides regulated access and sharing through user privileges, security settings and tracking functionality.

Integrate your ERP system with our document management solutions for one-click viewing, access specific invoices and data without the hassle of time-consuming searches by hand, and increase the productivity of your office with Apyxx.