Mailroom Automation

Postal mail is still one of the largest content delivery vehicles to day. Mailroom Automation makes your mail digitally accessible and organized, improving your overall workflow.

PO Box & Mailroom Outsourcing

Manually processing your incoming purchase orders, invoices and other critical business documents is tedious and time-consuming. Our outsourced mailroom service allows you to process your documents faster and more efficiently. We receive your business mail at a unique PO box and quickly scan, index and deliver it digitally to you—directly to your automated content management system.

What are the Benefits of Mailroom Automation Services?

  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Reduce the costs associated with mailroom operations
  • Deliver documents in a timely manner to the right recipient

A Mailroom Automation Solution from Apyxx

Every business deserves a seamless solution to organizing their documents. We offer Mailroom Automation solutions that will remove the risk of losing important mail. Streamline processes and optimize productivity.