Accounts Receivable (AR) departments that implement AR automation will see an immediate increase in productivity and accuracy.

Organize and Manage AR Records without Stress

Your relationship with your customers is crucial to success. Don’t strain that connection with lost invoices and related documents. Our Accounts Receivable Automation solutions automatically and securely process and route AR invoices internally, identify  payments from your clients and track your transactions in one place.

Benefits of Accounts Receivable Automation:

  • Reduce inquiries about misplaced invoices
  • Improve cash flow and cash management
  • Streamline and organize your business transactions
  • Eliminate manual processes and paper handling
  • Dedicate more time to important tasks and customer service

Transform your Workflow by Scanning your Documents

Digitizing your documents allows your files to be securely stored, organized and accessible across your organization. Your team no longer has to spend valuable time searching for paper documents that can easily be misfiled or lost in space-consuming filing cabinets. Instead, your critical business documents are accessed in seconds, improving your workflow and eliminating unnecessary stress for your team.

Our dedicated scanning team works quickly and efficiently to digitize your critical files. Everything is handled at our secure scanning facility, from document prep to scanning to indexing and quality control. If you prefer to handle your scanning in-house, we can help you find the scanning software and hardware that best fits your needs. Our team will be on hand through the entire process to provide support and training, making your transition as painless as possible.

The Apyxx Cloud Offers Seamless & Secure AR Automation

We offer AR Automation and AP Automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our document management solutions are catered to your business needs.

With the Apyxx Cloud, your critical AR documents are secure, organized and easily accessible from anywhere at any time. Eliminate the cost and confusion of storing paper in filing cabinets by digitizing your documents and storing them in the cloud.

Easily Pass Compliance  Audits with Digital Document Management

Reduce the stress of compliance audits  by having requested  documents digitally accessible at your fingertips. Retain  documents securely and provide tracking and audit trails by storing them in the Apyxx cloud or in document management software on your internal servers With your documents stored, tracked and accessed digitally, you can grant timed access to specified documents and eliminate the need for auditors  to step into your office.

Automate Your Workflow and Streamline Your Business

Eliminating paper and digitizing your workflow sets your business up for success. You can integrate multiple systems to share information automatically across departments, allowing for more efficient business processes. You can also automate recurring tasks, improving accuracy and allowing your employees to dedicate their time to working on more important tasks.