Your distribution business generates a lot of important documents daily. From order processing to delivery to invoicing, it’s important to accurately track and manage every critical document to keep your business running smoothly. But managing such an extensive paper trail can slow down your team, strain your relationship with your customers and hurt your business.

Your distribution documents – invoices, bills of lading, purchase orders, proof of delivery – need to be handled efficiently and accurately. Some documents may need to be shared across multiple departments, resulting in multiple copies spread across your business. These copies may have different notes attached to them, meaning each copy will not have the same information. So when your employees need a particular file, they spend valuable time searching for a needle in a haystack, digging through a series of filing cabinets and folders to find the exact document with the correct information.

Scan Your Documents and Transform Your Workflow

With digital document management, you can eliminate this problem. By digitizing your documents, your files are stored, organized and accessible in a matter of seconds. Every department can access critical documents and share the same important notes on a particular file.  Your business can complete work more seamlessly and efficiently, all while strengthening your relationship with your customers.

Our team will work directly with yours to determine the best document management solution to fit your needs. Our scanning services can handle all aspects of the scanning process, from picking up and prepping your paper documents to scanning, indexing and quality control. If you have a small scale scanning job, we can provide your team with the scanning software and hardware you need to get the job done. Our own team is on hand to offer support and training throughout the entire scanning process, making your transition into a digital document management solution as seamless as possible.

Benefits of Digital Distribution Documents:

  • Streamline your businesses operations
  • Increase cash flow and cash management
  • Reduce time spent searching for critical business documents 
  • Improve your customer service relations

Transform your Distribution Process with Cloud-Based Solutions

Document management solutions streamline your workflow and optimize your productivity. The Apyxx Cloud goes further by securely storing and organizing your documents in the cloud while remaining accessible anywhere any time. Your critical documents are easily tracked when your customers inquire about the status of their orders and deliveries. 

Streamline Compliance Audits with Digital Document Management

Easily retain necessary documents securely and inexpensively without the need for filing cabinets or other space-consuming solutions. Locate necessary documents quickly and easily and eliminate the need for someone to enter your office by giving timed access to specified documents securely stored in the cloud