Securely Manage Your Human Resource Documents

Capture, store, access, and manage HR documents with document scanning services, document management software, and workflow automation.

Apyxx offers this combination of services to accelerate your workflow in the easiest way possible. Human Resource Document Management and Administrative Document Management eliminate manual processes through an automated routing, approval and tracking process that save you time.

Access Critical Hr Documents And Maintain Your Accountability

I-9s and pension contribution forms are managed and protected with in-house or cloud-based document management software. Apyxx Technologies provides regulated access and sharing of these documents through user privileges, security settings and tracking functionality.

Improve Productivity And Workflow With E-Forms

E-Forms capture, verify and move data throughout your HRM system automatically, eliminating duplicate and lost documents and the necessity of manual data entry. Using these E-Forms allows for direct processing of requests from your employees. Vacation requests, performance evaluation forms, and other critical HR documents are readily accessible via your content management system from Apyxx.

Reduce Paper Trails With Document Management

Access employee records, benefits, administration files, contracts, tax forms, applications, personal records, transcripts and other HR and Administrative documents. Our document scanning and workflow automation solutions at Apyxx take your HR and Administrative paperwork and converts them into easily stored, secured and accessible electronic files.

Remove the hassle of searching through paper files.