Mailroom Outsourcing and Automation Solutions

Paper is coming into your mailroom on a daily basis. Incoming purchase orders, invoices and other critical business documents need to be processed. This work can be tedious and time consuming. Apyxx offers outsourced mailroom automation solutions that allow you to process your documents quickly and efficiently. We receive your business mail at a unique PO box where we quickly scan, index and upload the files and data digitally for processing.

Transform your Workflow

By scanning and digitizing your files, you streamline business processes across your company. By automating your workflow, you can eliminate expensive, time-consuming tasks and ensure that your team can dedicate their efforts on more important tasks.

Your management team is able to gain valuable insight into the standard workflow of your day-to-day business operations. This insight can highlight snags in your process, allowing management to make adjustments as needed and improve productivity.

Once our team receives your documents, we can scan your files and extract data based on your business rules. By interpreting this data, your team can optimize and automate your workflow processes.

Streamline Business Operations with the Apyxx Cloud

Cloud document management can take your mailroom automation operations to the next level. With the Apyxx Cloud, all of the critical business documents processed through your mailroom are securely stored, organized and accessible across your organization.

Remote work has transformed business processes. Research has shown that 58% of Americans are working remotely at least once a week, and 35% work remotely for the entire week. With the Apyxx Cloud, your employees will have immediate access to all necessary documents whether or not they’re in the office.

Benefits of Mailroom Automation Services

  • Expedite processing of critical documents
  • Eliminate the need for manual data entry
  • Reduce the costs associated with mailroom operations
  • Route documents quickly for review and approval
  • Receive and process documents even when your office is closed
  • Ensure remote and in-office employees have immediate access to all documents

Apyxx is your Trusted Source for your Mailroom Solutions

Apyxx has years of experience providing clients across Louisiana with fast, accurate and reliable scanning services and document management solutions. Our virtual mailroom services ensure that your important documents are received, processed and routed for approval. Our immediate, digital processing streamlines your business processes and optimizes productivity.