Medical Document Management

Healthcare Document Management Optimizes Your Medical Records

We understand the importance of efficiency for your medical practice. Doctors often require information from multiple sources for multiple patients at once.

Apyxx Technologies provides Healthcare Document Management, Medical Document Management, Medical Record Document Scanning and EMR Scanning Solutions to New Orleans and Gulf Coast physicians, hospitals and doctors. Ensure a manageable workflow around your medical practice.

Electronically Capture Medical Records and Patient Information

All Apyxx Healthcare Document Solutions are HIPAA compliant and allow you to scan your medical records to access patient files and diagnostic imaging quickly through our EMR Scanning Solution.

Our Conversion Service Bureau, conveniently located in New Orleans, allows us to scan your medical records and documents quickly and effectively.

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Scanning Services from Apyxx Technologies

We use the latest software and high‐speed scanners to convert documents in a timely and seamless process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by our highly skilled team from our New Orleans conversion service bureau.

Our solution includes prepping, scanning, indexing, and Quality Control (QC) for instant storage and retrieval of your most critical documents.

Our Medical Document Management Solutions Enable You To:

  • Access any document, anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Secure critical data from theft and disaster
  • Comply with government and industry regulations via audit trails and security
  • Drastically reduce copying, faxing, and document filing costs
  • Keep only the data you need by setting up automatic alerts to purge files that are no longer needed
  • Choose between a hosted or cloud solution
  • Automate routine business processes