At Apyxx, we understand that your patient records are critical to your medical practice. Doctors, nurses and physician assistants require records for multiple patients, and being able to access these files quickly and efficiently is integral to your practice.

Apyxx Technologies provides New Orleans and Gulf Coast medical professionals and hospitals with HIPAA compliant document scanning solutions. Our scanning services and cloud-based document management solutions allow you to securely store and immediately access your patient files and medical records from any location.

HIPAA Compliant Document Scanning

Our document scanning process handles everything from document prep to scanning, indexing and quality control (QC) for secure storage and retrieval. Your critical files – lab reports, patient health records, insurance records, diagnostic imaging and medical charts – are quickly and efficiently digitized and indexed by our scanning team.

EMR Scanning Solutions with the Apyxx Cloud

With the Apyxx Cloud, your digital documents are easily accessed, shared and tracked throughout your medical practice. You can regulate access and sharing through user privileges and security settings, ensuring confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Eliminating paper storage also reduces costs and the time spent searching critical files.

The Apyxx Cloud is easily integrated with many EMR document management services, allowing for a seamless transition for your team to view your patient’s data from within the EMR system.

Benefits of Medical Document Management with Apyxx

  • Easily view vital patient data by integrating your EMR software with the Apyxx Cloud 
  • Access critical patient health files quickly from any location at any time
  • Improve patient relations with quick access to all medical records
  • Streamline routine processes and increase office efficiency 
  • Meet HIPAA compliance standards with document security protocols
  • Eliminate physical storage for paper documents 

Our team has years of experience providing medical offices in the greater New Orleans area with document scanning services and healthcare document management. We understand that every medical practice is unique, and we will work with you to find the best solution for you.