EMR Scanning Solutions

Enhance the Workflow of Your New Orleans Medical Office with EMR Scanning Solutions

When your critical Medical Records are not digitally indexed, handling mounds of paper, ink, folders, labels, toner, faxing, shelves, cabinets and storage can be time-consuming and costly. Integrating your Healthcare Document Management system with EMR Scanning Solutions is the first step to an effective workflow in your office.

Fast, Accurate and Reliable Scanning Services from Apyxx

We use the latest software and high‐speed scanners to convert documents in a timely and seamless process. All documents are physically prepared for digital conversion by our highly skilled team from our New Orleans Conversion Service Bureau.

What are the benefits of Apyxx EMR Scanning Solutions?

Our EMR Scanning Solutions include prepping, scanning, indexing, and Quality Control (QC) for instant storage and retrieval of your most critical documents.

All records will be optimized for image quality, scanning speed and image size footprints. With our high-quality, large-volume scanners, we can scan thousands of charts each day. We offer both on‐site and off‐site document imaging solutions and services.

Easily integrate your scanned medical records with your EMR and our EMR Scanning Solutions.