Healthcare Document Management

Medical Record Scanning and Healthcare Document Management in New Orleans

Apyxx Technologies provides New Orleans and Gulf Coast physicians, hospitals and doctors with medical records scanning solutions and document management software. HIPAA compliant Healthcare Document Management software from Apyxx allows you to scan your medical records to access patient files and diagnostic imaging quickly through your EMR and our EMR Scanning Solutions.

Optimize Your Medical Records and Patient Information

 Benefits of Healthcare Document Management:

  • Digitize lab reports, patient health records, insurance records, diagnostic imaging and medical charts.
  • Eliminate data entry and the time spent finding paper based files
  • Provide immediate access to critical patient data.

Capture vital patient data, import new patient information, eliminate errors and decrease costs immediately with the help of document management solutions from Apyxx.

Our conversion service bureau, conveniently located in New Orleans, allows us to scan your medical records and documents quickly and effectively.