Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes your office, you may be temporarily relocated. Consider the practical things that keep your company running smoothly, the inability to access your critical documents is made worse if they are destroyed.

What would happen if you lost all of your records?

Your greatest asset is a proactive plan. Apyxx provides Office Relocation Solutions that include document conversion and scanning software, ensuring the continuity of your business by storing your information on a server or web-based cloud.

Cloud-based Document Management as a Disaster Recovery Solution

Effective disaster recovery plans ensure instant access to your business documents and information from any location. Even if you have to relocate your office, scanning and indexing critical documents secures your business.

A cloud-based document management system from Apyxx saves you time and money, but more importantly protects your documents from loss during a time of crisis.

Access Any Document, Anytime, from Anywhere

Cloud document management provides secure, 24/7 access to your business documents from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

Because you are able to set the security privileges for each document, folder and project, access to these documents are always available to the appropriate staff members.

Viewing and sharing contracts, legal documents, human resource files, inventory control logs and insurance policies is made easy through solutions with Apyxx.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Solutions from Apyxx:

  •     Secured documents on the Cloud
  •     No upfront costs and low monthly payments
  •     Unlimited space for users and projects
  •     Long distance capability (work from remote areas)
  •     Progress and workflow management and alerts